Lambda Scientific specialises in developing and manufacturing various spectrophotometers, spectroscopic instruments, thin-film measurement, physics education equipment/kits, optical breadboards, light sources and opto-mechanic parts.

The range of spectrophotometer products cover ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral ranges with single and dual beam models to select from. The range of spectrometers varies from simple CCD spectrometer to the laser Raman spectrometer with a PMT detector. Within the whole range of spectrophotometers and spectroscopic instruments there is a variety of manually controlled instruments and PC based instruments.

Physics education equipment/kits cover a wide range of experimental projects in general physics, especially in geometrical and physical optics, and fibre optics as well. Experiments include focal measurements, interference phenomena, diffraction phenomena, analysis of polarization, Fourier optics, holography and fibre communications.

Our light sources include Xenon lamp, Mercury lamp, Sodium lamp, Bromine Tungsten lamp and various lasers.

We also provide a variety of optical components, optical mounts, optical breadboards and translation stages in our optomechanical range of products viewed on this website.

Our commitment is to provide high quality,cost effective products and on-time delivery.

Infrared (FTIR & IR) Spectroscopy

FTIR, Double Beam IR, Laser Raman, Monochromators and more.

Experimental Instrument Series

Covers interferometers, diffraction and polarization based instruments, laser mode analyzers, instruments for verifying constants and much more.

Education Kit Series

A wide range of physic topics including geometric optics, physical optics, modern optics and information optics.

Light Source Series

Standard laboratory sources such as Sodium and Mercury lamps to specialty sources such as infrared light source.

Opto-mechanics and Optics

For all your opto-mechanics and optics needs, from magnetic base to prisms.

Stage Series & Optic Tables

Translation stages, rotating stages, inclined platforms, motorized translation stages and motion control. Optics breadboards of all sizes and material, accessories.