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LIVI-300 Visible Spectrophotometer (194KB)
LIUV-201 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (3.9MB)
LIUV-210 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (262KB)
LIUV-310 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (358KB)
LIIR-100 Infrared Spectrophotometer (148KB)
FTIR-7600 FT-IR Spectrometer (407KB)

Spectroscopic Instruments

LIRA-300 Laser Raman Spectrometer (1.59MB)
LEOI-94 Monochromator (151KB)
LEOI-100 Experimental CCD Spectrometer (305KB)
LEOI-101 Modularized Multifunctional Grating Spectrometer (158KB)

Thin-Film Measurement

LIMF-10 Optical Thin-Film Measurement (379KB)

Education Kits

LEOK-1 Optics Experiment Kit (126KB)
LEOK-2 Holography and Interferometry Kit (165KB)
LEOK-3 Optics Experiment Kit (352KB)
LEOK-4 Geometrical Optics Experiment Kit (171KB)
LEOK-5 Lens Aberration & Fourier Optics Kit (147KB)
LEOK-10 Holography Kit (210KB)
LEOK-20 Optical Fiber Information and Communication Experiment Kit (175KB)
LEOK-21 Optical Fiber Information and Communication Experiment Kit (176KB)
LEOK-22 Optical Fiber Information and Communication Experiment Kit (577KB)

Experimental Instruments

LEOI-20 Interferometer-Michelson (207KB)
LEOI-21 Interferometer-Michelson and Fabry-Perot (225KB)
LEOI-22 Precision Interferometer (259KB)
LEOI-26 ESPI System (140KB)
LEOI-30 Diffraction Intensity System (546KB)
LEOI-40 Experimental System for Polarized Light (320KB)
LEOI-50 Diode Pumped Solidi State (DPSS) Laser Demonstrator (445KB)
LEOI-51 HeNe Laser Mode Analyzer (277KB)
LEOI-61 Single-photon Counting Experiment System (322KB)
LEOI-200 Fourier Transform Spectrometer (160KB)
LETI-1 Thermal Expansion Experiment Unit (167KB)
LEMI-1 CCD Young's Modulus Measuring Instrument (173KB)
LEDI-1 Experimental Unit of Planck's Constant (163KB)

Light Sources

LLE-1 Low Pressure Mercury Lamp (71KB)
LLE-2 Low Pressure Sodium Lamp (89KB)
LLC-3 Brightness Adjustable White Light Source (122KB)
LLC-7 High Pressure Spherical Xenon Lamp (96KB)
LLL-1 650nm Semicoductor Laser (133KB)
LLL-2 He-Ne Laser (118KB)
LLL-3 532nm DSPP Green Laser (68KB)

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Infrared (FTIR & IR) Spectroscopy

FTIR, Double Beam IR, Laser Raman, Monochromators and more.

Experimental Instrument Series

Covers interferometers, diffraction and polarization based instruments, laser mode analyzers, instruments for verifying constants and much more.

Education Kit Series

A wide range of physic topics including geometric optics, physical optics, modern optics and information optics.

Light Source Series

Standard laboratory sources such as Sodium and Mercury lamps to specialty sources such as infrared light source.

Opto-mechanics and Optics

For all your opto-mechanics and optics needs, from magnetic base to prisms.

Stage Series & Optic Tables

Translation stages, rotating stages, inclined platforms, motorized translation stages and motion control. Optics breadboards of all sizes and material, accessories.