LEMI-1 CCD Young's Modulus Measuring Instrument


  • Including both camera and monitor
  • Simple structure and stable performance
  • Result visualization
  • Ideal demonstration system


When rigid materials are subject to particular stress or forces, deformation (compressed, twisted, stretched, etc) may occur. For many materials, when suffered from force or stress, the resisting or restoring force that tends to return the material to its original shape is proportional to the deformation. Young's Modulus, E, is a constant that describes the material's mechanical property of stiffness and is expressed as the ratio of stress to strain for a material experiencing tensile or compressive stress. This apparatus is designed to demonstrate that the deformation of a metal wire under load is proportional to the strain applied. The load is parallel to the axis of the wire and is applied to one end while the opposite end is fixed. A microscope with a CCD imaging system is provided for conducting the experiment.

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