FTIR-7600 FT-IR Spectrometer Accessories

Part # Picture Description of Item

Universal ATR (ZnSe)(other crystal can be quoted separately)

Universal ATR is used for analysing solids, polymer, rubber, powders, liquids, pastes and gels. With high IR throughput, they are ideal for sample identification and QA/QC applications. Easily changeable crystal plate design provides analysis of a broad spectrum of sample types while ensuring constant sampling path length.


Magnetic Film/Pellet Holder (for 13 mm film/pellet samples)

The Magnetic Film/Pellet Holder is used to mount KBr pellets and thin polymer films. Its components include a steel plate and flexible magnetic strip. The holder is designed to support 13 mm KBr pellets and films less than 0.5 mm thick.


Bolt Press for 13 mm pellets (Includes evacuable barrel, 2 anvil bolts, 2 15/16” wrenches and bolt press holder)

The Bolt Press is a low-cost tool for making KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis. The press consists of a stainless steel barrel with two hardened and polished 13 mm bolts. The barrel is equipped with a fitting which allows evacuation of air while the pellet is formed. The pressure is applied to the sample by tightening the bolts against each other with standard 15/16" wrenches – included. Once a clear pellet is formed, the bolts are removed and the sample is analyzed while still in the barrel (barrel is placed directly in the beam using the Press Holder with a standard 2" x 3" slide mount). It forms a 13 mm pellet and is equipped with a holder for your FTIR sample compartment.


Demountable Liquid Cell (for window size 32 mm) (includes cell holder, gasket, and 1 set of spacers, must select a minimum of 1 Plain and 1 Drilled windows below in order to operate).

Options: select syringe below for filling the demountable liquid cell, and Teflon spacers.

The Demountable Liquid Cell is ideal for qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquid samples where it is desirable to optimize the path length for varying samples. Furthermore the Demountable Liquid Cell is well suited for samples where it is useful to disassemble the cell for cleaning. A wide variety of window types and spacer path lengths are available. Window types are available to cover mid-IR, NIR, and far-IR spectral regions and sample composition from organic to aqueous.

The Demountable Liquid Cell is designed with a standard 2" x 3" plate for use with all FTIR spectrometers. The needle plate includes Luer-Lok™ fittings for easy syringe filling of the sample. The window size is 32 x 3 mm and the clear aperture of the cell is 13 mm.

Please select two syringes for filling.
Glass Syringe, 2 ml

Please select windows: 1 plain and 1 drilled

Press-On Demountable Liquid Cell Holder for 25 mm window) (includes cell holder, gasket, and O-ring. Select 2 of each window below in order to operate.)

The Press-On Demountable Liquid Cell is recommended for fast and convenient qualitative analysis of viscous liquids and mull samples. Simply spot the sample onto the middle of the transparent IR window and slip the second window over the top. The windows are conveniently held in place by the friction fit of the Demountable Cell Holder. The Press-On Demountable Cell has optional Teflon spacers to assist with sampling pathlength. A wide variety of window types (25 x 4 mm) and spacer pathlengths are available to cover mid-IR, NIR, and far-IR spectral regions and sample composition from organic to aqueous. The Press-On Demountable Liquid Cell is designed with a standard 2" x 3" plate for use with all FTIR spectrometers.

Please select 2 windows

Short-Path EC Gas Cell, 100 mm path length (LAM-162-2100) Short-Path EC Gas Cell, 50 mm path length (LAM-162-2150) (includes glass body, o-rings and cell holder, must select 25 x 4 mm windows below, minimum of 2) The Short-Path EC Gas Cells are recommended for use with occasional gas sampling and offer an economical choice with standard septum-styled sealing of the vapor phase sample. They are available in 50 mm and 100 mm versions. The complete gas cell requires your selection of the appropriate IR transparent windows. The EC Gas Cells are slide mount accessories, compatible with all FTIR spectrometers.

Please select 2 windows

1 set of Sample Cards Polystyrene film card, (20 mm aperture), 10 pcs/set

The Sampling Cards are economical sample holders for analysis of films, polymers, 13 mm KBr pellets and other materials. Selfadhesive treated sides make sample preparation easy. The cards also offer compact and convenient ways of sample storage.


Square Cuvette Cell Holder (10 x 10 mm)


Specular Reflectance Accessory (30 degree) Slide-Mounted (Includes sample mask (3/8”, ¼” and 3/16”), alignment mirror and slide mount)

The 30Spec™ is ideal for the measurement of relatively thick films by specular reflectance. Samples are simply laid across the top of the accessory and the spectrum of the film is measured within a short time period. The 30Spec includes sample masks of 3/8", 1/4" and 3/16" to define specific sampling areas. The 30Spec provides high quality FTIR spectra for identification of coatings and can also be used to measure coating thickness. IR throughput is high using the 30Spec due to the relatively simple optical design of the product.


Comprehensive Transmission Sampling Kit for Gas, Liquid and Solid Sampling (Includes sample preparation tools, mull liquids, cells, windows and cell holders required for preparation and analysis of gas, solid and liquid samples)

The CTS Kit includes a 100 mm long, 38 mm diameter gas cell, in addition to all the sample preparation and mounting tools described in the STS Kit. The cell body is made of Pyrex® glass and features straight-tube inlet and outlet ports with stopcocks. The gas cell comes with all necessary gaskets, two KBr windows and slidemounted cell holder, and is designed for gas measurements at ambient temperature and normal atmospheric pressure.


*If a proper accessory cannot be found in the table, please contact us.

Warranty period: 12 months from the date of delivery.

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