LEOK-7 Laser Optical Demonstration Instrument


  • 64 fundamental experiments
  • Cost effective solution
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Easy alignment


The LEOK-7 Laser Optical Demonstration Instrument is developed for light and optics education at universities and colleges. It provides a complete set of optical and mechanical components as well as light sources. A He-Ne laser beam diverges into a sector shape after passing through a cylindrical lens, and projects onto an viewing screen. By inserting proper optical components into the optical path, numerous geometric- and physical-optics experiments can be demonstrated. No darkroom is needed.

Below is a list of 64 experiment examples:

  1. Straight line propagation of light ray
  2. Independent propagation of light ray
  3. Reflection law of light
  4. Beam expansion by using positive and negative lenses
  5. Beam expansion by using a cylindrical lens
  6. Beam splitting by using a beam splitter
  7. Beam splitting by using a grating
  8. Light reflection from the interface of two media
  9. Form real image from convergent rays by a flat mirror
  10. Form virtual image from divergent rays by a flat mirror
  11. Relation of angle change between reflected rays & mirror
  12. Imaging property of dual flat mirrors
  13. Disfuse reflection of light
  14. Light refraction, refraction law and reversibility
  15. Total reflection and critical angle
  16. Applications of total reflection
  17. Principle of periscope
  18. Minimum defection angle & measuring refractive index
  19. Measuring shift of light passing through a plate
  20. Principle of fiber light guide
  21. Measuring focal point & focal length of a concave mirror
  22. Rays passing the spherical center of the concave mirror
  23. Imaging of object distance larger than two focal length
  24. Imaging of object distance between 1-2 focal length
  25. Imaging of object locating on focal plane
  26. Imaging of object locating within one focal length
  27. Rays diverging of a convex mirror & measuring focal length
  28. Rays passing the spherical center of the convex mirror
  29. Imaging property of a convex mirror
  30. Rays passing through the nodal point of a lens
  31. Demo the focal point in object space of a lens
  32. Measuring focal length of a convex lens
  33. Imaging principle of a camera
  34. Imaging principle of a -1x inverting system
  35. Principle of a projector
  36. Principle of a parallel beam tube
  37. Imaging principle of a magnifier
  38. Virtual image locating within focal length
  39. Virtual image locating on focal plane
  40. Virtual image locating at 2x focal length
  41. Virtual image locating beyond 2x -focal length
  42. Virtual image locating at infinite distance
  43. Measuring focal length of a negative lens
  44. Real object imaged through a prism
  45. Principle of a Kepler telescope
  46. Imaging of an object by Kepler telescope
  47. Principle of a Galileo telescope
  48. Imaging of an object by Galileo telescope
  49. Principle of a microscope
  50. Correction principle of a myopic eye
  51. Correction principle of presbyopia
  52. Young's double-slit interference
  53. Interference through a wedge
  54. Diffraction of a single slit
  55. Diffraction of double-slit
  56. Diffraction of triple-slit
  57. Diffraction of tetrad-slit
  58. Diffraction of a grating
  59. Diffraction of a circular aperture
  60. Diffraction of a square aperture
  61. Diffraction of a rectangular aperture
  62. Diffraction of a triangular aperture
  63. Generating and checking polarization
  64. Newton's ring

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