LEOK-22 Optical Fiber Information and Communication Experiment Kit - Enhanced Model


  • 14 experiments
  • Flexible solution for different level of students
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Innovative design


This kit provides an overview of fiber optic technology and basic skills needed to work with fiber optics. It is made up of a number of laboratory experiments. The most commonly used fiber optical components and their parameter measurements are introduced in this kit, together with prime techniques, such as WDM and coupling. Student can understand the characteristics of isolators, attenuators, optical switches, transmitters, amplifiers etc. Upon completing the experiments, one can gain a better understanding of fiber optic fundamentals with hands-on experience in real fiber optic components and techniques. With this carefully designed kit, students will gain a powerful tool to explore the exciting world of fiber communication. This kit is really a must for those wishing to learn fiber optics with related techniques.

Experiment Examples

  1. Fundamentals of fiber optics
  2. Optical fiber coupling
  3. Numerical aperture (NA) of a multimode fiber
  4. Optical fiber transmission loss
  5. M-Z optical fiber interference
  6. Optical fiber temperature sensing principle
  7. Optical fiber pressure sensing principle
  8. Optical fiber beam splitting
  9. Variable optical attenuator (VOA)
  10. Optical fiber isolator
  11. Fiber-based optical switch
  12. Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) principle
  13. Principle of EDFA (Erbium-doped fiber amplifier)
  14. Transmission of analogue audio signal in free space

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