LEOK-40 Modern Optics Experiment Kit


  • Including He-Ne laser, Sodium, Mercury, Hydrogen-Deuterium, and white-light lamps with power supplies
  • Including air chamber with gauge for refractive index measurement of air
  • Flexible configurations to cover 18 experiments in modern optics
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Affordable price


LEOK-40 is a comprehensive experiment kit designed to cover a wide range of experiments in modern optics, such as applied optics, information optics, physical optics, and holography. Composed of multiple optical components, adjustable holders, and light sources, this kit can be configured flexibly for conducting various experiments in modern optics. Through selecting and assembling the corresponding components into setups, students can get a better understanding of modern optics, and enhance their experimental skills and problem solving ability.

The following experiment examples can be conducted using this kit:

  1. Measure lens focal length using auto-collimation method
  2. Measure lens focal length using displacement method
  3. Measure air refractive index by building a Michelson interferometer
  4. Measure the nodal locations and focal length of a lens-group
  5. Assemble a telescope and measure its magnification
  6. Observe the six types of aberrations of a lens
  7. Construct a Mach-Zehnder interferometer
  8. Construct a Sagnac interferometer
  9. Measure the wavelength separation of Sodium D-lines using a Fabry-Perot interferometer
  10. Construct a prism spectrographic system
  11. Record and reconstruct holograms
  12. Record a holographic grating
  13. Abbe imaging and optical spatial filtering
  14. Pseudo-color encoding
  15. Measure grating constant
  16. Optical image addition and subtraction
  17. Optical image differentiation
  18. Fraunhofer diffraction

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