LEOK-64 Holography Under Room Light


  • Room-light operation
  • White-light reconstruction
  • Photopolymer plate for easy and fast developing
  • Rainbow hologram
  • 40-mW semiconductor laser as light source
  • Digital display with manual or remote controlled operation
  • Detailed instruction manual


Holography under room light is referred to as hologram recording and developing under room light using a photopolymer plate. By contrast, a conventional silver salt plate must be operated (exposing, developing, and fixing) in a darkroom. The advantage of room-light holography with white-light reconstruction is the convenience of operation with a high diffraction efficiency, so that the image of the object can be reconstructed very well.

This kit can be used to conduct the following experiments:

  1. Fresnel (transmissive) holography
  2. Reflective holography
  3. Image plane holography
  4. Two-step rainbow holography
  5. One-step rainbow holography

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